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I am motivated towards ethical hedonism by the belief that… - Edonismo / Hedonism

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July 31st, 2004

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02:58 pm

I am motivated towards ethical hedonism by the belief that this is the only life we will ever have and is the only chance we have to explore; I believe that when we are dead we are dead. That's it - there is no more - there are no second chances to express and to evolve ourself in new directions and challenges. This is not a dress rehearsal for another life; this is the only chance we have to get it right direcly; our life is a question of feelings and sensations, actions and reactions and Ethical Hedonists believe that life is to be celebrated inside the good reasons of what's right excluding what's wrong or damaging for us or others. We only get one shot at it, so let's enjoy it to the edge of our limits to enjoy our own life and all persons that we have all around ourselfs, every second, every hour, every days of our life.... every day. We live in a truly amazing universe. We marvel at the Earth's bio-diversity, the setting sun, the night sky, snow-capped mountains, the awesome power of a cyclone, and the million and one other wonders of nature.
Ethical hedonists recognise that true fulfilment comes from dedicating themselves to long term projects that focus on others. That's why you often find them not only in the caring professions, but also in teaching positions, in science and in art.
Discover again the sensation to drink water in a sunny day, let yourself to touch lovely someone that you care or love, bring your life in to your own hands and follow these ideals, follow your truly nature and feelings :"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And the world can live as one." or, if you prefere this one :""The degree and kind of a man's sexuality reaches up into the topmost summit of his spirit."
Enojoy your life!

Current Music: L.W.B : Ode to Joy

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